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Memorial created 02-21-2017
Helen Mauller
October 28 1929 - February 19 2017


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Helen Mauller, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Helen's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Helen forever. Make sure to visit our awesome slide show! 


Preceded in death by her loving husband William David Mauller, Helen in survived by her four children William Mauller Jr., Ruth Campbell, Terri Case, and Donald Mauller; as well as, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Helen was known for her beautiful smile, joyful laugh, positive attitude and amazing spirit; she loved to talk, but was also a good listener. Helen was loyal and kind, the best kind of wife, mother, grandmother, and friend a person could ask for. Helen was a hard worker all of her life, beginning with volunteer work while her children were young. She loved teaching her Sunday School Classes and volunteering for her church, she was a wonderful Girl Scout leader and was most proud of being one of the very first volunteers for the Headstart Program at its inception. In fact, her entire life comprised of helping people in ANY need at ANY time in ANY way. She made the decision to return to 'real' work at Sylvia Hat Company in downtown St. Louis and relished surprising people with hats of all colors and variations, and enjoyed the camaraderie she shared at the innovative chapeau company. She then began work closer to home at Florissant Valley Community College and received awards and accolades for over 20 years of continuing service in the Science Department. Her cohorts sang her praises and once again, Helen was the 'go-to-girl' when it came to doing whatever was necessary to bring smiles and lift spirits to her workers and friends. Speaking of friends, she had a group called themselves "The Girls" and for as long as anyone can remember, they attended the Loretta Hilton Theater every single month to take in the current play. Helen also loved to travel, together she and her husband Bill traveled the entire world. They loved to take in the sights and eat the local cuisine, they were blessed to have many outstanding adventures together. While Helen will be so incredibly missed by her family and friends, it goes without saying that all are thankful that Bill and Helen are now back together where they belong.


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