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Katie Pollock
Harley Kayleen Carson
January 15 2008 - August 24 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Harley! Daddy & Mommy love you! <3

Harley would have turned 2 on January 15, 2010. The day was bittersweet, remembering the wonderful times we shared with our beloved Harley and remembering all the tourture she was put through because of her Alpers Syndrome. We're thankful for the 19.5 months we got with her, but are outraged that it was cut so short. Below is a journal I wrote on 1-15-09, her 1st and only birthday. Little did I know then, it was the only birthday we'd get to share with her. How naieve we were...


My little ballerina, only a week old! = )

"One year ago today at 4am I was being admitted in the hospital to be induced. I didn't get any sleep that night (maybe 2 hours?) because I was in so much pain from my hips spreading and generally my body getting ready for childbirth. I had to be induced because Harley was almost 2 weeks overdue and didn't want to come out. I ended up being in labor for about 13 ½ hours and having her around 5:30pm. That's when my angel made her debut.

Today my little Honey Bear is 1 year old. It doesn't seem like it's been a year. I remember it like it was yesterday. I still remember the doctor handing her to me for the first time and me kissing her. She stopped crying, blinked her eyes for a second, and then started crying again like the healthy newborn she was.

But she's not a newborn anymore. In 1 year she went from 8 lbs. 7 oz. to about 16 lbs. (last doctor visit), got 8 teeth in, learned to crawl, walk, wave hi and buh-bye, dance and say mama, dada, baba, whoa, Grandma, Papa, Nan, "Ameron" (for Cameron) and other baby babble. She's learned so much in just her first year of life. Babies are amazing; especially mine. ; )

She doesn't know that today is a special day, nor does she care. She woke up today, rubbed her sleepy eyes and reached for mom and wanted cuddles like she always does. She crawled around lazily and messed with a few things waiting to be cuddled back to sleep. She cuddled with dada in bed and made the cute little sucking face that means ‘You can get me a bottle whenever you're ready'. She won't understand what everyone's doing when we sing ‘Happy Birthday' to her at her party on Saturday and give her cake and blow out her candle (she'll just want to play with the fire). She won't know that the pretty boxes and bags are presents celebrating her 1st year of life and not just pretty paper she can rip and tear while sitting on top of the present.

And that's okay. Maybe next year she'll better comprehend what a birthday is and what presents are and what to do with birthday candles. She'll be another year older and another year wiser. She'll have more teeth, weigh more, be in a new big girl car seat, further developed her motor skills (i.e. blowing kisses, giving hugs, running, jumping, clapping, etc.), learn more words, and recognize more people, animals and objects. Every year brings something new and exciting!

For now, I'm going to enjoy my little 1 year old (even though I have to work on her birthday...). She's not really a baby anymore, but she'll always be my little baby."


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