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Memorial created 09-9-2009 by
Katie Pollock
Harley Kayleen Carson
January 15 2008 - August 24 2009

I think I was 8 months pregnant here...


One of my Cafe Mom groups named me 'Cutest Preggo'


Made by Michelle (cracklinbread) on Cafe Mom. Thank you!


Dada and Harley, a day old in the hospital. She's so tiny!


Week-old Harley, my little ballerina! <3


Sweet Honey Bear playing dress up with Mommy!


Aww, gotta love the naked pictures...


Sleeping Honey Bear


Harley in the snow!


I love this picture...


"Our family. It's small, and broken, but good. Yeah, still good." -Stitch


Harley's 1st birthday!


"Whatcha doin' mom?" Happy birthday, Honey Bear...


Naked baby in the shower! How cute!


Harley at St. Joe's Hospital


Look at her cute little curl! Got her hair from her Daddy...


Harley dressed up for the nurses.


Mommy and me as cute as can be!


Best friends are we, my mommy and me!


Sweet girl...


Harley loves chewing on damp wash cloths.


Poor Honey Bear's temperature dropped and wouldn't come back up to normal...


So beautiful...


This is the tag we put on the balloons we released for Harley.


Rainbow at Harley's grave, a little present from our sweet angel. <3


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