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Memorial created 09-9-2009 by
Katie Pollock
Harley Kayleen Carson
January 15 2008 - August 24 2009

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08-24-2016 6:59 PM -- By: Just a mom,  From: Tennessee  

I am just a mom, nothing so special about that I suppose. Just a mom who lost a son. He was 30 when he passed over. I had him a lot longer than some had their children and I am thankful for that. I wish I had him longer though. There is never enough time. My heart broke when his heart stopped. I did know Harley, but I do know loss. As a mom I get it. I don't think it gets easier. The missing them never stops. I wanted to pay tribute to your loved one on her passing day. She is one cute baby. I am sure you hear that all the time! Today may be hard. You are not alone, not today. She is with you in spirit as my son is with me. You are in my thoughts. Take care of yourselves. Always Ryan P Frye's Mom Jeanne

11-24-2015 6:33 PM -- By: Heather,  From: Arizona  

Dear Katie Pollock I am really sorry that you lost Harley Kayleen Carson. Love Heather

01-15-2013 3:48 PM -- By: denise king ,  From: rhode island  


08-26-2011 6:54 PM -- By: Mom, Dad & Lilly,  From: Prescott Valley, AZ  

<3 <3 <3 Harley, we love and miss you SOOO much! I can't believe it's been 2 years already... I keep thinking of how our family will never again be truely whole until we all meet up in Heaven. Oh how I wish Lilly could have met you here on Earth. You would've been a WONDERFUL big sister to her, I just know it. I know you'll watch over her and be her guardian angel, though. You're our angel, Honey Bear. We love and miss you more than you'll ever know... <3 <3 <3

08-20-2011 11:27 AM -- By: kelly youssef (eman,  From: California  

Hi please contact me either (email addresses cannot be posted on vm) kelly whited youssef on facebook. My son died 1 month ago from alpers disease and I would like to talk to you please. I am so sorry for your loss she is a beautiful angel.

03-12-2011 5:18 PM -- By: Veronica Wallace,  From: Dowagiac, MI  

Your little Harley is adorable! I am so sorry that you have to go through the pain of not having her here with you. I know that pain all too well...Last year, March 10, 2010, I held my 3 year old son Gabriel as his heart stopped. He joined his older brother Hunter (also here on VM) in Heaven. Gabe's death has hit me so hard and I am not functioning well. I just couldn't help but to sign Harley's guestbook. You have a very special Angel watching over you.


Veronica Wallace

mommy to 2 Angels in Heaven

Hunter Wallace


Gabriel Wallace


03-03-2011 10:55 AM -- By: ,  From: florida  

So sorry for your loss... she is a real cutie pie.

01-15-2011 11:04 PM -- By: Sherri,  From: South Florida  

Happy Birthday to Harley! Celebrating your Birthday with the Angels. God Bless You & your Family! What a beautiful little girl!



01-15-2011 11:01 PM -- By: Katrina,  From: FL  

Happy Birthday to Angel Harley in Heaven!!!!

So sorry for your loss of such a beautiful girl.  I know how hard days like these are but I hope you had a blessed day remembering your special Angel Harley. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs.......Katrina  >i< Heather's Mom

01-15-2011 7:35 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Angel Harley

01-15-2011 2:23 PM -- By: Alan Carnahan,  From: Indianapolis, IN  


On what would have been Harley's 3rd birthday here on earth; she know spends them in heaven. All those that loved Harley when she was here; love her, still.

The missing and longing for her never ceases, though.

I have read almost all the pages that you have written about Harley. Such a sweet girl. She tried so hard to live. I am always reading memorial sites of children and found Harley's.

I also lost a child; my only biological child. My son, Crawford was 18 and 2 weeks from graduating high school when he contacted an awful disease that kills within days if not identiflied quickly. It killed him in just 4.

I have also had signs from my son as you have from Harley. Just had another one on Christmas Eve.

Helping to remember Harley on this special day......3 years after her birth.

From one parent to another that has lost their precious child;

With only memories left of them.......

09-17-2010 8:44 PM -- By: bobbi atkerson,  From: loveland ohio  

your little girl is so beautiful im so sorry for your lose it is the worst pain in the world i know how your heart aches im so sorry

08-25-2010 12:26 PM -- By: Joey Betancourt,  From: Salem OREGON  

I am so sorry for your loss she looks like a beautiful girl. I just read your story and it must be hard now more than ever having passed a year. I wish you and your family the best. i too share the same sadness. My nephew 4 years old Alex Mercado was murdered by a 14 year old boy. this happened on Halloween day of 2009. I'll pray for all of u

08-24-2010 6:55 PM -- By: Paige ,  From: Denver, CO  

What a beautiful and loving tribute to your special little lady, Harley. Your story was so powerful and emotional, yet devastating to read. I wish you and your husband peace and love.

08-24-2010 5:14 PM -- By: Athena Cullen,  From:  

 Im sure no one understands why things like this happen, but God has a reason for everything. Im so confused and sad that this happened to your family but i pray that you have strength and God will watch over you and your loved ones.

08-24-2010 1:18 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

On the one year anniversary of your Little Harley leaving I wanted you to know you are in my thoughts.  I know it has not been easy and many times you thought you were not going to make it. Although you can no longer see your precious Angel her spirit is with you gently caressing your cheeck at the hardest moments. May God walk with you.


08-24-2010 12:19 AM -- By: Judy,  From:  

Sending you loving thoughts and prayers today.  God Bless


06-06-2010 1:56 PM -- By: christy,  From: Florida  

Just wanted to say u have done a BEAUTIFUL job with Harley's memorial site! Ur love shows through in every word u type! Much love and prayers go out to u and urs for continued strength and endurance! May God bless u both until u go home to me with ur honey bear!

02-20-2010 8:35 PM -- By: Donna Hawk,  From: Glendale, AZ  

Katie, you don't know me very well, but when Sarah and Patricia told me about your daughter and her illness, I started following your caring bridges site and had been keeping it close to me. You know that you have a lot of love and support around you that you aren't even aware of.  I still think about Harley and always will. She touched so many hearts. Treasure the memories and photos of her forever. I think she left you with cookie monster for a very good reason. Treasure her time with it and spend time with it remembering her.



01-26-2010 11:08 AM -- By: Uylanda ,  From:  

To the family of Harley Carson ~ My heart truly aches for you and your family.  Although I don’t know the family I would like to send my condolences to you. Being a mother, I can't begin to even remotely imagine what you have gone through and how hard this has been on you and your family.  Losing someone we love is never easy, but to lose someone so tender in age and innocent can some days feel unbearable. But do know that there are people who care, and there are people who are praying for you, and there are people who want you to endure and make it through.  Just remember....one moment at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. Don't rush yourself or feel you have to feel a certain way by a certain time.  Yes, you will have days when you miss little Harley dearly.  And it is OK to feel that way. I know that the prayers of your family and friends will continue for you.  James chapter 5 verse 16 says that "...A righteous man’s supplication, when it is at work, has much force...."  So prayers are being said on your behalf.  And the power of prayer to provide us with comfort is so powerful.

When the time and situation allows you, please look up these scriptures to provide you with some comfort of the hope that you will be able to see your beautiful Harley again. - Job 14: 14-15,   Revelation 21:4, John 5:21, 28 & 29

01-15-2010 12:23 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Katie, you and Cameron have my sincere condolences for the lost of your beautiful Angel Harley. I wish I knew how to take the pain away. Thanks for sharing her life and may Harley  give you a sign today.

Happy Birthday Sweetie


01-15-2010 1:50 AM -- By: Judy,  From: Gillette, WY  

Dear Katie and family,

I am so very sorry for your loss.  Harley is such a beautiful angel.  Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us.  I pray that God gives you comfort and strength as you walk this journey of grief. 

 Happy Birthday beautiful angel

01-07-2010 11:28 PM -- By: Amber Martin,  From: Temple, TX  

Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Girl.  You are forever loved and in our hearts

01-04-2010 12:20 PM -- By: Katie Pollock,  From: Glendale, AZ  

Happy New Year, baby girl! I'm hoping 2010 will bring us health and happiness, more so than 2009 did. Daddy and Mommy love and miss you so much, more than you could ever imagine. We miss you more and more each day and can't wait to see you in Heaven. Thank you for moving Mommy's balloon New Year's Eve, we know it was you. <3 Hugs and kisses, Honey Bear; we love you. <3 

12-25-2009 12:37 PM -- By: Katie Pollock,  From: Arizona  

Merry Christmas, Harley! I am so sorry I worked last year on your one and only Christmas. I'm sorry we didn't decorate or get a tree... I'm sorry Mommy & Daddy didn't even get you anything to open Christmas morning! (But you did have presents from the rest of our family at least at other times.) I just want you to know that I wish I would've done so much more for you, made your short little life so much better.

I felt so guilty that the one thing I wanted to do for you this year was to get a REAL tree and decorate it and put it at your gravesite. Well, before Mommy left for Vegas to visit her family her and Daddy got you a tree! It's a real tree in a pot so we can grow it year round and put it at your grave every year! (If it lasts through this Christmas. If it doesn't then that's okay, too.) We got little present and drum ornaments from the dollar store and decorated it with those (last minute, not much else was there, but it still looks beautiful!). Mommy even made sure to get a gold star ornament (okay, there's 2; 1 on each side) to put on the top like she's had on her trees since she was a little girl! It's perfect, even though it was last minute and makeshift. I know you wouldn't have minded if we didn't get you a tree, but Mommy feels ALOT better that we did!

I hope your having a merry Christmas in Heaven and say happy birthday to Jesus for me! It must be so spectacular there today... Daddy and Mommy love and miss you so much, Honey Bear! We'd give anything to have you back, but we're so glad you aren't suffering anymore; we HATE that you had to go through all that. I wish I could visit your grave today, but Mommy's in Las Vegas with her family. I promise when I get home I'll visit and take care of your tree. I know you're waiting for us in Heaven and can't wait to see us, too! Tell Great-Uncle Wayne, Pa & Uncle Tim hi for Mommy & Daddy. We love and miss them as well. I know they're watching after you and loving you for us in Heaven. Once again, we love and miss you exponentially every day. I wish you could be here with us, but I'm glad you're with Jesus. Love you, baby girl. <3

12-14-2009 5:34 PM -- By: Merissa Gadson,  From:  

I never met dear Harly but I bet she was a joy. I'm truly sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

12-09-2009 8:26 PM -- By: andrea dunn,  From: cameron park ,ca  

i just wanted to say that harley is truley the most beautiful baby girl. im so sorry for your loss. i cant even imagine having to go through this. you are a very very strong mommy. harley will always be here for you. she will always be playing right next to you. i will keep your family in my prayers. god bless

12-07-2009 7:45 PM -- By: Savannah,  From: Washington  

Thank you so much for visiting my son's page. Your daughter is so beautiful. I cried reading through it because so much was similar to my son. He had the distened tummy, liver failure, the spots of settled blood after, and the drippy nose that we kept drying for him. I am so happy that you are seeing signs of Harley's presence. I hope the best for you and your family in this tough time.

11-28-2009 8:26 PM -- By: Katilyn Ashworth,  From: Beaver Dam KY  

11-26-2009 4:22 PM -- By: Katie Pollock (Mom),  From: Glendale, AZ  

Happy Thanksgiving, Harley! I know you're looking down on Daddy and I today and wishing us the same. Thank you for being with us in spirit and listening when I need to talk to you; I know you listen. = ) We'll be able to spend an eternity's worth of Thanksgivings together when we meet you in Heaven, but until then we will continue to love and miss you like crazy. I'm glad you're finally at peace and aren't suffering anymore: that hurt Daddy and I so much to see you like that. Once again, we love you more than anything and miss you like crazy every day, every hour, every minute. <3


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